Fresh Ingredients and Meals from Scratch

We use fresh ingredients when available and prepare meals from scratch to make sure you enjoy healthy, fresh, and nutritious meals

Registered Dietician

We have our own registered dietitian working alongside our chefs to ensure well-balanced meals that will nourish your organization. Our dietician provides nutrition and wellness training to Personal Touch management and culinary staff. In addition, they hold on-site nutrition seminars for clients and client-based groups.

Balanced Always Wins Wellness Program

Our unique "Balance Always Wins" Wellness Program provides fresh, high-quality, minimally processed ingredients, tasty foods, and beverages.

Responsible Sourcing

Personal Touch is committed to sourcing food responsibly. We choose whole grains and healthy cooking techniques. In addition, we avoid trans-fats and use milk free of rBST/rbGH.

Our digital menus allow customers to see item descriptions, ingredients, nutrition facts, and allergens.